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Sip the Miracle: The Nourishing Symphony of Moringa Oleifera Tea


Although my scientific name is Moringa oleifera, I am also known as Miracle Tree.

“In the West, I am called the Miracle Tree, it is because every part of me is beneficial for humans and animals.”

I live in…

I am very adaptable, tolerant of sunlight, and can withstand drought well, so I live mostly in tropical and subtropical regions. In Vietnam, you will see me most often in the Central and Southern provinces.

My miracle…

I have a history of discovery and usage dating back more than 4000 years. People in ancient civilizations, such as Greece and Italy, used all my parts, including my leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, roots, and stems, for both food and medicine. Among them, leaves are the heart of my miracle, carrying more than 90 synthesized nutrients, including 7 types of vitamins, 6 types of minerals, 18 types of amino acids, 46 antioxidants, and even more nutrients than my fruits and flowers. Among them, my vitamin C content is 7 times more than oranges, my vitamin A is 4 times more than carrots, my calcium is 4 times more than milk, my iron is 3 times more than spinach, my protein is twice as much as yogurt, and my potassium is 3 times more than bananas.

Thanks to these nutrients, I have the functions of anti-inflammation, antibiotics, detoxification, prevention, and treatment of tumor cells, benign prostatic hyperplasia, stabilizing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and protecting the liver.

Why tea?

But more than the numbers, my tea offers a distinct taste - subtly sweet and slightly earthy, perfect for a tranquil tea time. In just 3 minutes, you can unlock my nourishing essence in a cup of tea.

"From leaf to cup, every MajesTEA sip tells a story of wellness."

Why MajesTEA?

Integrity value - Did you know that my nutrients can be lost during harvesting and processing? By joining the MajesTEA family, I can maintain my medicinal properties thanks to a special processing formula.

“For every MajesTEA box bought, a new herbal tree springs to life- a testament to our symbiotic relationship with nature.

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