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About Delta D'Asia

We believe that Vietnamese agricultural and herbal products carry great value. However, sufficiently and properly exploiting that value is a huge challenge. Delta D'Asia is working harder and more creatively every day to make Vietnamese natural herbs a meaningful and sensible part of people's busy daily lives:

  • Provide Vietnamese herbal essence in the form of tea, with guaranteed quality and convenience.

  • Bring and embrace Vietnamese products to the world.


Our Business Philosophy

Respect people to be respected

Our employees are valuable assets of the company. We believe that respect and training are two effective ways to develop.

Respect the customers because they are our focus of service. We serve our customers with utmost care and respect.

Listen to people to grow

Listen to the staff to build collective strength in the company.

Listen to the customer with the customer's ears, look with the customer's eyes, and think with the customer's mind to serve and satisfy the customer’s needs.

Community benefits for sustainable development

You want to go fast, you go alone, you want to go far, you should go together.

One product sold will contribute to forest development, which can improve the quality of life for the households in those areas.

Products with high nutritional and medicinal benefits will bring happiness to everyone. That is the desire of Delta D'Asia.

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