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Elixir of Life: Unravel the Power of Celastrus Hindsii in a Cup


I'm Celastrus hindsii, but you might know me as the ”Life-giving Tree” as the Muong people, an ethnic group native to northern Vietnam, lovingly refer to me.

"The name says it all" - Life-giving Tree

I live in…

I thrive in primary forests at an altitude of 1000-1500m above sea level. In Vietnam, I am widely dispersed in forests in the northern and central mountainous regions.

Like a fine wine, I get better with age…

As a medicinal herb used in both Eastern and Western traditions, my leaves and fruits can be reaped year-round upon reaching maturity. However, as I age further, my stem and branches peak in medicinal potency, underlining the value of nature’s cycle.

The value of the "power quartet"...

When talking about my valuable active elements, one must mention the power quartet: Saponin Triterpenoid, Flavonoid, Quinone, and Maytenfolone A. These active elements have been studied for their ability to inhibit the development of cancer cells, especially liver and lung cancer. In addition, with antiviral properties, I am also used to support the treatment of hepatitis A and B. Given my ability to elevate liver enzyme levels, I provide crucial support to the liver in warding off inflammation and other subsequent conditions.

Why tea? It's all about convenience and the joy of brewing. It only takes you 3 minutes to unlock my full potential in a comforting cup of tea that carries a unique flavor profile: gently aromatic and soothingly refreshing.

"Turn moments into traditions with MajesTEA."

Why MajesTEA?

In the MajesTEA family, my medicinal properties stay intact, offering you a daily wellness boost.

“For every MajesTEA box bought, a new herbal tree springs to life” - a testament to our symbiotic relationship with nature.

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