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Nature's Treasure Trove: The Magic of Ming Aralia in Minutes

Allow me to introduce myself…

I am Ming Aralia and my science name is Polyscias fruticosa, which refers to the foliage of mine.

My habitat

I thrive in tropical climates with two distinct seasons. In Vietnam, thanks to my adaptability, I can grow anywhere; but to have high medicinal properties, I need fertile soil and a distinct monsoon climate.

More than a tree for pleasing decoration…

Due to my pleasing appearance, I was often used as a decorative plant. Fortunately, after both Eastern and Western medicine discovered my benefits, I became a popular medicinal herb in almost Vietnamese households.

"My age, my medicinal properties, and my value are proportional to one another"

My bark, roots, and leaves are a treasure trove of nutrients, including saponin, vitamins B1, B6, C, B2, and 20 types of amino acids. Vitamin B complex, particularly, cannot be produced by the human body and must be absorbed from external sources. Saponin, which can be found in all types of ginseng, helps boost the immune system and effectively reduces the risk of certain tumor cells and cholesterol.

Why tea?

It's about fusing convenience with the timeless ritual of brewing tea. Plus, my slightly aromatic flavor with a hint of freshness makes for a delightful tea experience.

"Uncover the essence of health in each MajesTEA cup."

Why MajesTEA?

In the MajesTEA family, my medicinal properties stay intact, offering you a daily wellness boost.

“For every MajesTEA box bought, a new herbal tree springs to life” - a testament to our symbiotic relationship with nature.

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